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Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK Expected Graduation May 2011

Research Focus: Wireless Networking and Security

Masters of Science in Manufacturing Engineering

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA May 2005

Thesis: Investigation into the influence of threshold forces and vibrations in diamond roll plunge dressing of grinding wheels

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA August 2002


Multi-Channel Packet Capture in 802.11b/g Wireless Network.

D. J. Geiger, G. Scheets, K. A. Teague, J. Pitts. 42nd Annual Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers. October 2008.

Measurement and Analysis of Threshold Forces in Diamond Roll Dressing.

J. Kummailil, D. J. Geiger, R. S. Hahn, C. A. Brown. Journal of Manufacturing Processes, vol. 8, No. 2, 2006

Measurement Uncertainty in Scanning Instruments Due to Data Acquisition Method.

J. Kummailil, D. J. Geiger, T. Bergstrom, V.Varbanova, C.A.Brown, Proceedings of the American Society of Precision Engineers 2003.

Surface Metrology of Ski Base Textures.

S. E. Jordan, T. S. Bergstrom, D. J. Geiger, C. A. Brown, Science and Skiing III, (Ed. D. Bacharach and E. Mueller) Verlag Dr. Kovac, Hamburg, Germany (In Press).

Work Experience:

Communications & Signal Processing Lab, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

Research Assistant January 2008 – Present

Conducted investigation into using GNURadio Software Defined Radio architecture and associated hardware for use in 802.11 geolocation applications. Including software development and hardware integration.

Began investigation and performance evaluation of commercially available wireless network hardware (WiFi, etc.) for use in indoor/outdoor direction-finding and wireless node detection and multi-channel packet capture.

Naval Research Laboratory, U.S. Navy Washington, DC Intern Summer 2008 Began investigation of GNURadio Software Defined Radio and Universal Software Radio peripheral for use in 802.11 wireless networking applications.

Behavioral Sciences Foundation, Saint Kitts, West Indies

Research Assistant March 2007 – December 2007

Responsible for the technical operations and daily oversight of a research project investigating non-human primate memory and Alzheimer’s disease involving handling and training of green vervet monkeys.Designed and managed installation of automated surveillance system for monitoring monkey behavior in an outdoor group cage in a tropical environment.

Surface Metrology Lab, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA

Consulting Engineer December 2002 – December 2006

Lab Manager January 2004 – May 2005

Designed, integrated and tested a closed-loop motor control, data acquisition system and analysis package using off the shelf components for a research project investigating the relationship of surface texture and friction.Assisted with the development of a software control and data acquisition system for a high precision large-envelope scanning laser microscope currently used in making laboratory and field surface texture measurements.</span>Designed and implemented a data acquisition software package for an Instron material testing load frame.

Managed several research projects, directed undergraduate workers, performed surface texture measurements, interpreted and prepared results for presentation to customers. Trained undergraduates in the use of measurement equipment, analysis software and preparation of results for presentations.

DirectAdvice Inc., Hartford, CT Summer 2000/2001

Intern Winter 1999/2000

Designed and implemented a Linux-based web server load balancing system.Responsible for a mix of Linux and Windows NT servers, providing desktop support for Windows-based workstations and network administration.

Center for Biofilm Engineering, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT

National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research FellowshipSummer 1999

Research Project: An Optical Method to Detect and Monitor Biofilm Accumulation

Conducted a summer-long project to build and test a prototype laser-based optical sensor to monitor real-time biofilm growth inside a laboratory bioreactor. Project resulted in a successful proof-of-concept that could be further developed into a device to assist in the monitoring and control of laboratory experiments.

Intern Summer 1998

Created an internal website to organize information for researchers, and created a database of biofilm images for use in presentations and publications.

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